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Indeed the Beatles were successful in putting words to the feelings that one gets in fascinating Rishikesh.  The emerald green water, the equally green hills and the shimmering white sand… I thought only Goa could spur such magic…But I was completely wrong.

“Bungee Jumping! Cliff Jumping! Rock Climbing! Fox Flying! Rappelling!” I could hear these words off and on in the office; in hushed voices most of us were planning on what we were going to try other than white water rafting. Our office trip was scheduled for April 15th, the third weekend of the month and may I say that it is one of the best months to go rafting in Rishikesh, when water temperature is moderate (still cold) and the weather is neither too hot nor too cold; other than that for best rafting experience one can either go in the months of March to May or between October and November.

Oye it’s Friday… Weekend Fun Begins Now!

After finishing office on Friday, we planned on leaving for Rishikesh. Our cab from New Delhi to Rishikesh was scheduled for Haridwar at 11.45 PM.

Rishikesh is an ideal weekend getaway from Delhi the place leaves you completely rejuvenated, and helps you conquer your fears and fulfill all your adventure fantasies. So, the best tip for a Rishikesh tour is to leave on Friday evening, reach Rishikesh on Saturday via Haridwar (Har Ki Paudi), enjoy the rafting and other adventure activities and then return on Sunday. You are guaranteed to start the new week with a fresh mind and lot of enthusiasm.

Journey to Haridwar…

The four-five hours journey to Haridwar left us with little scope for sleep, so we decided on taking pictures, chatting and Playing Antakshari…We managed to get some sleep and being right on schedule we reached Haridwar at 5AM, Cool air had started to cast its spell on us, and we craved for tea and a pair of uppers as well. Haridwar welcomed us with sugary tea and…beckoning a sweet start to a spicy journey!

After bathed at Har ki paudi we feel fresh and more energetic for our adventures destination!


Rishikesh Calling…

Rishikesh is about 20-25 kms from Haridwar. The dark sky hindered the view, however, and the cool breeze was telling us that we were heading closer to the hills. Our 45 minutes journey was definitely a delight, especially for Yatharth who was sitting on the middle sheet with his…Rohit with his usual cheerful spirit and clown like acts entertained us all through our way.

We ran and cut through the meandering alleys of Rishikesh, which were almost empty at the moment with few small dhabas and restaurants open. The first glimpse of River Ganga stunned us…WOW! Was all I could say… I am certainly not a morning person, but if every morning would allow me to get such a spectacular view, I might just stop sleeping at all…LOL. The emerald green river accompanied by lofty mountains takes its usual walk. The pebbled path, along the river added to its beauty. I finally dared to soak my feet in the water, Gosh! there was nothing that I can compare the feeling with. Just like the Beatles said it…

“I’m just a child of nature, I don’t need much to set me free”


River Rafting Camp… Sun, Sand and Beach!

The view of the camp from the trail was spectacular, I mean it was something that I hadn’t seen before because most of us, this was our first camping experience. An array of tents on the white sands overlooking the gorgeous green Ganga… now I know, what is BREATHTAKING! The set of stairs were utterly dangerous, however the view and the excitement to reach such a beautiful location made us forget all hassles. So, here we were, stepping on the white sands, walking in the sun, greeted by the other group from Delhi. The camp was beautiful, the location was beautiful and the ambiance was even more beautiful, Paradise Unparalleled!


Beach Fun … Tan TanTan!

After changing clothes and having a refreshing breakfast, everyone started to splash in to the water… followed by screams… uhhhhhuhuhu…the water was DAMN cold and the sun was merciless. Abhishek was now a Superman Redefined!! Anyways, I don’t want to go into the details of this…let me give you few tips on essentials of camping in Rishikesh…

If you are planning to go to Rishikesh and staying in a camp, here are few things that you must carry, first, a sunscreen (of course if you don’t want to get tanned as you are going to spend an entire day in the sun), sun glasses, portable mobile charger (although, few camps provide these), flashlight and lip balm (as the dry air gives you a lip-crack!)


Beach, Bonfire and Buddies!

In the evening, The camp was dimly lit with two bonfires, one was for us and the other for another group from Delhi. The other group was drinking, singing and lighting up … what a beautiful view it was!

After changing clothes, we circled around the bonfire, sharing experiences and laughter with…. The night had started to become cold and we could hear the sound of the river. The multitude of stars was shining brightly, a rare sight that we don’t get to see in cities…

After exhausting ourselves in water with body surfing and kayaking, we headed for a sumptuous buffet. There was no greater feeling than sitting under a shed and munching on some delectable Indian cuisine with….while we chatted, played Antakashari and laughed crazily.

At 3 AM, we were finally go for sleep because next day morning we have to go for raf..f…f…f..ting.

Collage- Rishikesh

River Rafting… Facing Life

We reached at Marine Drive through our SUV, from where we had to start our 24kms rafting expedition. There are four major stretches for rafting in Rishikesh, Brahmpuri (9kms stretch for family and beginners), Shivpuri (16kms stretch for youngsters), Marine Drive (24kms stretch for daredevils) and Kaudiyala (36kms stretch for experts). Our rafting expedition was from Marine Drive to N.I.M Beach with 4 major rapids (grade III+) namely, Money Maker, Three Blind Mice, Club House and  Roller Coaster.

we all geared up for the final adventure… River Rafting in Rishikesh!!!


By now, the sun started to go down, with patches of light here and there on the river and mountains. Cold breeze welcomed us on the raft, and everyone was ready with essential rafting gears like helmet, lifeguard and paddle. I on the other hand was given the privilege of only sitting with the rope to control, NO ROWING!  That sounded nice, we started with some gentle rowing, laughter and smiles…The first rapid was a mild one…the best was about to come! I could hear the sound of the second rapid and it seemed dangerous, our guide instructed that we need to row together and faster when we reach the rapid…that was alarming… We finally faced the second rapid that gave us the taste of extreme adventure; the front of the raft dived in to the river, with Amit, Rohit and I literally drinking the water of Ganga with both mouth and nose…BIZZARE! We were out of the rapid and were alive! On the third major rapid the raft completely turned towards the right, I once thought that Amit might fall off, but he survived, he was rowing hard, with his eyes closed, which made me laugh…he was doing everything he could to survive in this particular rapid. By the fourth rapid named Roller Coaster, which was the longest, everyone was a bit tired but DAMN the monster rapid put everyone in an alert position, Abhishek again rowing with closed eyes and Rohit waiting for the tide to come to him, as he didn’t want to row in the air and after all he is the captain of the raft..”Captain Jack Sparrow”…LOL! I felt someone was throwing bucketful of water on me, the warm weather and cold water made for a strange combination. It was at least 10 minutes of fast rowing that pulled us out of the gigantic rapid…the quite water followed with few minor rapids to N.I.M Beach…We had just faced death and lived a life!!


The best part is to experience Cliff jumping in between of rafting, cliff-jumping point is towards the end of the rafting route and is also called the “Maggi Point” where we were enjoy tasty Maggie after the faadu.. jump.


By the time we finished our rafting adventure, it had got dark. Drenched, tired and cold, now we desperately wanted to return Delhi. We managed to reach Delhi without breaking any of our bones and teeth.

I was in love with Rishikesh, not love at first sight, but love that has grown and multiplied in the course of time, love that may become unconditional someday…