Goa: Sun, Sea and Sand

Posted: January 3, 2020 in Travel
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Some trips we go to see the places, some trips we go to feel the adventure, some trips we go to relax etc. etc….So every trip have some expectations, some plan, some goals in mind but this was really a great experience for me and my wife where we went to celebrate our wedding anniversary. I have already seen GOA, almost all the places so nothing new for me…we choose this place because she wanted to visit Goa this time. “Goa…The official party capital of India” is my favorite place in India where fun never stops. Its offering everything from beach side bliss to nightlife thrills including beautiful villages, delicious food, happy people, amazing parties and the most important is magical vibes which I can’t explain.

It’s bad manner to keep a vacation waiting!

We feel that the pleasure of traveling is not only limited to the time we spend on the trip itself but it is extremely important and enjoyable the sooner, namely the time before the trip itself, in which we plan, study the destination, its history, but also the after is wonderful because we feel richer after a trip and the memories we bring are extremely valuable.

Day-1 | 27th Nov | Arriving in Goa

We boarded the flight from Delhi at 10:55 AM which was due at Goa around 1:40 PM and we finally landed at Goa around 01:50 PM. Here we are in Goa!! Finally!! We came outside of the airport after collecting our luggage and hired a cab from the prepaid taxi stand at a cost of Rs 1300/ for Calangute. The prepaid taxi charges are very high in goa. 😊


We had lunch on our way to Hotel, finally we checked in to our hotel “SinQ Signature” at Calangute around 3:45 PM. The hotel is located in the prime area which makes it convenient to visit places and save time. The rooms were very clean, good food, also the staff was very helpful and polite, it was worth it.

The plan was to take the two-wheeler from this point and use for rest of the journey. After settling down our luggage in the room, we took a rental vehicle which can be arranged by hotel for 250 per day for moped then we moved to “Chapora Fort” as per our plan.

And so, the adventure begins.

Located at roughly 10 km from Calangute. Chapora fort is a perfect vintage point for gazing at the sea as the waves gently nudge the shore in silent harmony. This is one of my favorite places in Goa for exploration and sightseeing, also offers amazing views for photography. The view of the palm trees, the extensive beach, and the distant horizon look magnificent. Towards the northern side of the cliff lay the beautiful Vagator beach. We reached at fort during the sunset, so we did not have any chance to take much photographs. As we approached the end of a cliff the view was spectacular with strong wind blowing across making us feel lot more comfortable even though sun was out. My feet were eager to touch the sand so after spending around 1 hour we moved to Vagator Beach even though we knew that it is not a one-hour place. In my last visit of goa with friends, we visited this place two times just to click the pictures, we also relive the “Dil Chahta Hai” moment.


To be very frank Vagator beach is not so beautiful like the Baga and other beaches, mainly owing to the color of the sand. This beach was very clean and with very less crowded in evening, this place is not for the people who are in Goa for the beach parties but definitely a heaven for the peace lovers that means we cannot have everything together. There was a resort left behind this beach, so we decided to chill out here. It was great experience to have candle light dinner in front of us a series of beautiful rock formations positioned to kiss the lashing waves creating a beautiful sound and sight. There is nothing more important than food in Goa, but we are vegetarian, so we have very limited option to choose that’s how we have completed our first day.

Goa is all about having fun with your friends & special one and if you aren’t chilling, you aren’t living it out loud enough!


After having a good time at Vagatore we moved on to visit Baga and settled in one of the shacks on Baga beach…It was a cool breeze, Sound of waves, some disco music. It was an awesome moment where we relaxed without doing anything just waiting for our special day i.e. 28th Nov. We spent the whole night just chilling at beach with some meaningful discussion about life 😊 and then started back to hotel at 2 O’clock. The next day we were scheduled to first cover Parra.

Day-2 | 28th Nov | Give Life a meaning

I had plan of early morning beach photography. But after sleeping so late, we woke up at 10 am… Started feeling so hungry…Got ready soon and moved to “Thalassa” for the brunch via Parra. Parra is famous for the beautiful lane of Coconut tree we clicked some pictures here and reached to “Thalassa” we ordered white sauce pasta, garlic bread and beer, definitely one of the best places of goa to visit. Great ambience… international cuisines. live music with serene beauty of sunset- that’s Thalassa for you.


The best kind of therapy is Beach Therapy.

After the completion of brunch, we moved to Morjjm beach. Morjim Beach is definitely one of the best and most tranquil beaches of Goa. It is quiet & peaceful away from crowded Calangute and Baga beaches. Morjim is famous as the nesting ground of the endangered Olive Ridley Turtle. There are many foreign tourists here. Most of them are from Russia, which is why, Morjim beach is often referred to as “Little Russia”. We settled on a beach side shack with child beer.


We spent the evening by sea bathing and chilling out on the beach in front of our shack. Sunset was so beautiful on this beach. You take one deep breath, closes your eyes feeling the vast & mighty sea from your lower body & at the same time the setting sun blesses you with its diminishing rays soaking your upper body meanwhile perceiving the fact that we humans are merely slaves against this magisterial nature, after spending a quality time here we went to our hotel.

We were born to be real, not perfect.

IMG_20191128_163123-01 1

After freshening up in hotel, we got ready for the casino. A goa trip without visit to Casinos is always incomplete, I went to Big Daddy casino which is the newest and largest casino in town, the day we went was little crowdy. We pay around 5k for the entry and got chips worth 3000 INR with complimentary drinks and food. Big Daddy Casino is a ship that boasts of four floors – having a live bar and a never-ending stream of people from across the world crowding around the Baccarat, roulette, Mini Flush, Poker and other tables – trying a hand at their luck, trying to win against the house. We tried Roulette and Wheel, where your favorite number could make you win! Place your bet on one of the number/signs. After everyone has placed their bets, the dealer spins the wheel and the number it lands on wins the round. We won around 2000 rupees of chips later I converted that chips into cash.


This was our first time at the casino and had real good fun time here with many live shows and different games. I totally loved the experience. We spent like about 4 hours and headed back to stay to get some sleep and be ready to roam on the streets. It was the perfect end to our special day.

Day-3 | 29th Nov | Goa beyond beaches!

We woke up late in the morning and headed towards the Aguada Fort, we were about to meet its destination got messy with the crowd out there. Aguada Fort is one of the most well-preserved Portuguese monuments in Goa. The fort was built to prevent the attacks on Old Goa by the Dutch and Marathas. Today, the fort is a major tourist attraction of Goa. The views from this fort are immensely beautiful. Fort Aguada Light House adds to the beauty and charm of the fort. This is one of the oldest and first ever lighthouse in Asia, which was equipped with ammunition, rooms and barracks.

Life is short, enjoy the little things.

It was very sultriness day and Aguada Fort was crowded with people it was tough getting a free spot in the fort to stand and escape with sunlight and also finding the spot to take a picture was very difficult. We have spent around 45 min in the fort clicked some pictures and went towards the MOG. The museum of Goa is located in the middle of a low-key industrial estate, all quite odd! This place is more a modern art gallery than a museum. The Museum shows the finest contemporary art from around the world and from Goa. Its Little lonely place not crowded at all. The best part is the outdoor area, very well made. The tickets cost Rs 150/. Spent a couple of hours at the museum, it was interesting to see how they have used waste material and discarded items to create all the exhibits.


Like my last day, I thought to spend the sunset and night time on a beach, so I drove towards the Calangute Beach. Which was just 7 kms away from the MOG. We roam around the beach, had some good food and drink. We stayed till 9 o’clock and started back to hotel. In the way of returning, we bought some drinks for rest of days. we bought beers, brandy, wine and famous cashew fenny. It is one of those must-do things when you visit Goa. Fenny is a favorite local/ tradition drink in Goa. It’s made either from cashew or coconut palm but cashew fenny is more popular. Fenny is clear, twice distilled liquor that is definitely more potent with 43 – 45% alcohol content.


Then after a long & busy day we reached hotel. Once we settled down in the room, we quickly hit the pool to chill our self while guzzling down some beers. We had our dinner at our hotel room with famous fenny. This local spirit has an intense smell and a strong aftertaste but is worth a try.

During the dinner, we discussed next day plan whether we should go for “Doodh Sagar” or cover sports activity. In the mid night, we decided to go for sports activity. I was not aware that I shortlisted Malvan beach which is around 100 km away from Goa and more than 3-hour journey via NH 66. Since the plan was finalized just a day before the travel date, we only confirmed the booking and rest was left for trip to follow.

Day-4 | 30th Nov | Go wild for a while

It was around 7:30 am when we left our hotel for the nodal point where cab was waiting for us. We boarded our cab in which two guys had already sited. Our first destination was Mandrem where we had to pick one more couple. We picked them, now we were a team of six people and finally we moved toward Malvan beach.

Malvan is a town in Sindhudurg District, Maharashtra. It is known as Sindhudurg Fort (350-year-old ancient fortress built by Chhatrapati Shivaji in 1664), Malvani cuisine (Fish curry and Solkadi), Alphonso – Mango and local food. Malvan is considered as heaven for the non-vegetarians especially seafood lovers. Tourists get attracted towards Malvan because of warm white sand, clean and beautiful beaches, Fort, lovely nature, and very less crowd. Our main intention to visit this place because of parasailing but it’s also famous for others sport activity like Snorkeling and scuba diving.

Fill your life with experiences, not thing. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show.

we reached at Malvan beach around 11:20 AM. It was water sports time. First, we went for water sports. we were enjoyed almost every water sports activity included banana ride, bumpy ride, jet ski ride, boat ride and scuba diving but the most beautiful part is parasailing. somehow, they charge you extra 150 if you want to have a dip in water while doing parasailing but It was a great fun really. To satisfy the adventure junkie in you, it doesn’t get grander than parasailing in Goa.


It’s our second time with scuba diving. We had already experienced in Andaman, so we were not scared at all. 40-50 feet under the water all you hear is the bubbling sound of the water that your breathing causes, and within an instance you’re away from the demanding city life and among the creatures that don’t speak and nor can you, all you do is see the underwater view but one thing that I want to say that standard are very low in comparison of Andaman also there was no corals but it was good for first timer. After doing all the Water sports we went for the lunch. After feeding our hungry souls we headed back to our hotel, we had gossips in cab regarding the best experiences of the place/activity and had exchange photos/videos of each other’s. However, the disappointment was that we have wasted almost day just because of long road journey.

If you do not leave your worries behind while travelling, the fun will definitely leave you.

Then after a long & busy day we reached hotel at 7:50 PM. By 9:00 PM, got ready for night party and the plan was to get in to the Titto’s club and enjoy rest of the night. This Titto’s club is one of the famous clubs on entire Goa and its right near the Baga beach. Somehow, we changed the plan and finally we went to “Sinq NighClub”.


Goa known for beaches n parties …. This place was perfect place for party animals, the atmosphere here was amazing as this was Saturday night. Great music, food and amazing people a perfect way to unwind the day. Nicely built place… elite crowd, Cheap entry and free booze. It was better than Titto’s and mambos which are much more crowdy and mostly play typical songs. Me & my wife went around 10 am and were there till 2 am. we went into the room and quickly went into deep sleep. Our next day plan was to cover old Goa.

Day-5 | 1st Dec | A Day in South Goa

Again, woke up lazily and we started driving for Old Goa…It was a beautiful drive of 20 KM. Reached there by 3 pm. Old Goa has many churches adjacent to each other at close distance, so we went on a spree to visit as many as possible in due time. There are few great churches built on 16’th Century by Portuguese. This was their capital, and this was the place where early churches built for the first time in India. In Basilica of Bom Jesus Church you can find a body of Francis Xavier that was kept from 1552. Still the body have not decomposed, and people say the nails grow till today. This place was hugely crowded, lot of prayers were going on.


Our next stop was Se Cathedral. One of the highlights of Goa is Old Goa, a relic of Old Portuguese culture and buildings. Most notable among them is the Se Cathedral, the largest church in Asia. The church contains the infamous Golden Bell, which is considered the largest church bell in the world.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

Enjoyed the churches and without wasting much time, we directly headed to Dona Paula for sunset view. Now I cannot express it more wordily but the sunset experience here was the most amazing one I had ever witnessed. This is that kind of time where your ambiance provokes you to stare the endless horizon, feeling how majestic nature can be, thinking about how frivolous life is & realizing that eternity is just a word in a man-made dictionary because nothing is forever.


Oh yes, how can I miss the Bollywood value of this place! This is the place where famous scenes of the movie “Singham” and “Ek Duje ke liye” was shot. One can witness lots of nimbupani, tea stalls are named as Singham.

While returning from south goa, we have done shopping. We bought some cashew, chocolates and traditional Goan sweets like Dodol & Pinag for our friends and family. Goan cashew nuts are very famous and it’s an integral part of Goan identity. The cashew shops in Panjim were charging about 300-350 Rupees for half k.g of the best quality. Cashew in its various forms like Cashew with its peel on, salted cashew, masala cashew is the most popular one.

Sky above,Sand below,Peace within!

The night after was our last in Goa. We guzzled down couple of beers before dinner & went into deep thinking about the last few days spent here, reaching as far as the horizon of our wisdom to garner our knowledge & widen our perception towards this world.

Day-6 | 2nd Dec | That Goodbye Moment

It was our last day at this tropical paradise and our return flights were scheduled at around 3 in the afternoon. Early morning, we went for the Calangute beach, this is the last beach to end our trip. Nothing can be more relaxing and refreshing than early morning beach. It just washes out all the negative things from the mind. This is the most divine feeling to be wherever I am in any of the beach places. This place was just a walk away from our stay, yet we came here on our last day of trip. This is the place where you can see huge Indian crowd…You hardly see foreigners here.

We jumped into the water and started enjoying beach vibes. Then after here we went for brunch at a nearby restaurant before kicking for hotel. The restaurant serves some nice set breakfast. There are specific combinations based on respective country’s ideal breakfast. Such as American breakfast with cereal & milk. English breakfast with bread & eggs. Etc.


After completing our brunch, we reached hotel. Picked up all bags and booked Cab for the Airport. it’s time to say good bye. Started our return journey by 1:00 PM to catch the flight but due to some road traffic we reached at Airport only 35 min before of departure time and counter was almost closed but somehow, i arranged the boarding passes. The only regret which I have had that by mistake I putted liquor in my handbag instead of luggage which I had to dump as my luggage was already booked and loaded over plane ☹

Life is a journey not a destination.

Lastly our 5 days journey of tropical escape came to an end. Once I inside the airport for boarding, I started thinking about when I will visit here again to explore more & the places of south Goa which I missed this time. The sand from the beaches that I visited was no more on my feet, but I guess it will never leave my soul.

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